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A Little Push in the Right Direction

All of my life I have loved to sing.

There’s just one problem: For a long time I lacked the confidence it takes to perform in front of others. In high school, I intentionally missed try outs for choir, for solo performances, for coffee house gigs though I was offered the opportunity to do all those things. I just didn’t believe I could. And, so, I didn’t.

But, once I entered college something changed.

I met my now husband, Lucas. And he didn’t share my lack of confidence. When try outs for a local college band for a new lead singer were held, I went back and forth as to whether to try out. I decided not to and asked Lucas if he wanted to accompany me to dinner that night to wallow. He played along, but when it was time to leave dinner and head home, instead of dropping me off at my apartment, he pulled into the old church grounds where auditions were being held. He had already packed my instruments in the back seat of the car. He held my shoulders in his hands and looked me square in the eye and said, “I’m not taking you home. You want this and you can do it.” Then he dropped me off in front of the church.

I spent the entire night playing different instruments and singing with the band. It felt so good and we all left the church in awe of how much fun we had had. They chose me to join them. And a few years later we even recorded an album. So, why had I been so scared?

With a little push in the right direction, Lucas has helped me to accomplish my dreams. When you have someone who believes in you, it’s easier to reach your goals. There’s someone to cheer you on, and you feel much more confident knowing you can do it!

But, why do we wait for someone else to come along to tell ourselves what we can accomplish? Why couldn’t I just acknowledge I had goals, hopes, and dreams for singing? Especially when the end result brought me so much joy.

I’ve noticed when it comes to weight loss, I’m extremely afraid to state my goals out loud. I have a hard time making a promise to myself when it comes to taking care of my body, let alone keeping it. And, yet, I know the end result would bring me so much joy. And you do, too.

It’s time to claim your hopes and dreams for yourself. Be our own cheerleader. Sign up for a running training program, or a weight loss challenge. Don’t give yourself the chance to go home or bow out gracefully. You’re capable of so much more than you know! All you have to do is get started, and then keep moving toward your goals one step at a time. It just might take a little push.

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