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Bridal Back Up Plans

It’s April in Seattle, which means intermittent days of sunshine and showers. It also means it’s wedding month for me and I’m getting down to lots of last minute details. In this final month, I’m appreciating the beauty of back up plans, and wanted to share some things I’ve learned along the way.

It’s a given that in any major task we take on, things won’t always go according to plan – no matter how perfect the plan might seem. There’s no doubt that a wedding is a major task, and there’s lots of ways real life can deviate from the course we anticipated.

I’ve been making backup plans from the moment I knew I wanted to get married in April, in Seattle, outside. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t rain every day here, but an April wedding is a bit of a crapshoot anywhere in the country. So I knew that I needed a venue with a good indoor space, and I opted for a day-of coordinator so that someone would be on hand to execute Plan B if rain was falling.

 Creating a solid back up plan has given me complete peace of mind about our ceremony. Sure, there are other things that can go awry, but I know that our wedding ceremony will be beautiful, indoors or out, and there won’t be last minute scrambling.

Back up plans are vital for fitness as well. We can schedule all the wedding workouts we want, but an injury might mean we need to move from the treadmill to the pool. We can plan to eat clean, and be faced with a family dinner full of calorie-laden home cooked goodness.

Often times when I’m looking at my workouts for the coming week, I give myself a few days a week where I have options. If I hit snooze one too many times on my alarm and miss my 6am Body Revolution class, I know there’s a 6pm spin class I can make it to. I’ll also buy enough groceries to make a few different healthy options, so if I reach for tomatoes to make a hearty salad and realize they’ve gone bad, I can choose from the other healthy foods I’ve stocked my fridge with instead of ordering pizza.

There’s a lot of planning involved with this time of life, and it can be exhausting to make more than one plan for all of these occurrences, but when it comes time to call on that option you’ve created, it will be so worth the extra effort.

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