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I do means commitment. I do means I’ll be there. I do means I’ll build you up. I do means I’ll take care of you and take care of myself for you. I do means I will work on loving you and work on being lovable. Those of us that have taken that step to say “I Do” to the one we love have made a commitment in a time that commitments are considered only if they are convenient to you.

I can remember going through a marriage class back when I was twenty-two and my wonderful wife was twenty-one called “Love is a Decision”, by Dr. Gary Smalley. This is so true, you made a decision to say “I Do” at that moment in time you made a decision, a conscience decision to love your spouse. This is something you must do daily. Believe me, my wife Shayna has to make an effort to love me, it’s work!

What does this have to do with fitness? My message is threefold. Couples that are physically active are better able to handle the stresses of life I’ve written before that vigorous exercise helps rid the body of excess cortisol. When external stresses are high from work, finances, or other crisis’ we sometime become short or easily irritated. This can be a result of excess cortisol. This intern can affect our relationship with our spouse and how we interact.


We must take care of our bodies for our spouse to stay attractive for each other This may sound shallow or selfish, but I believe I am honoring my wife by taking care of my body and looking my best for her. She does the same for me. You may not be in the same shape you were on your wedding day when you said “I do”, but we shouldn’t let ourselves go just because we captured the one we love.

Those that are active or who do things TOGETHER have higher chances of staying together.

My wife and I got mountain bikes this last year and ride at least twice per month. This is a time that we can talk, enjoy nature and have fun doing something outdoors and that is good for our health. There are countless things couples can do together that is fitness related. Sports, working out, or hiking or walking. Shayna and I even did ballroom dancing classes together. The point is spend time together doing fitness. We have a number of couples that come to the club and train in some of our SGT (small group training) classes and love that time together.

Love is a decision and so is fitness. We have to work at both to reap the rewards. Make an effort this week to love your spouse and take care of your health! Good luck and please check out my website for articles, workouts, videos and how you can get started on your path to you, only better!

Peter San Nicolas
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Fitness Professional
Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Professional
Owner Ramona Fitness Center, Ramona, CA

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