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Equinox (fall) Cleanse Continued

Today we will talk about the Supporting Therapies for your cleanse. These are “body” treatments that support your detoxification efforts.

Dry Brush Massage: One of the best ways to cleanse the lymphatic system is by brushing the surface of your body with a soft dry brush made of natural vegetable bristles. In addition, skin brushing is highly stimulating to surface circulation of blood and leave you feeling invigorated. Skin brushing should be performed only once a day, preferably first thing in the morning, and it takes only a couple of minutes. The body should be dray and naked, and the brush should be swept once or twice in the same direction, across every surface of your body except your face. Do not scrub, massage, or rotate the brush on your body; just sweep it across your skin in long smooth strokes. Brush up your arms from hands to shoulders, up your legs from feet to hips, down your back and torso, up the buttocks, down your neck, and across your shoulders.

Detoxification Bath: Add to the bath: 1 box backing soda, 2 cups Epsom salts, a few drops lavender essential oil. Before taking the bath, use a dry brush to brush your skin to stimulate your lymphatic system and get rid of dead cells. The bath water should be very warm and you should soak until the water becomes tepid. When you get out, dry off and rub almond oil on your skin.

Hydrotherapy: At the end of a shower, run water as hot as you can stand down your spine, then switch to cold. Count to five, then switch back to hot and count to ten. Switch several more times, ending on cold.

Stress Reduction: Use music, meditation, yoga, hot baths – too much stress is toxic.

Massage: Massage will help with stress reduction and will also stimulate the lymphatic system, helping to release toxins.

Sauna: Infared saunas are especially beneficial and are available at some spas and naturopathic doctors.

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