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The End is in Sight

In a bootcamp this morning I heard my coach encourage “10 seconds left! When you see the finish line, you don’t slow down, you work harder!” Well, here I am, with the finish line finally starting to peek into view – and I’ve realized, I want to start working harder.

I’m proud of the job I’ve been doing with my workouts, and if we’re being honest, my diet’s been good about 75% of the time. With the wedding just five weeks away, I’ve got a very tangible goal ahead of me, and I. Am. Committed! I’m scheduling my workouts and making backup plans in case I can’t make my original time. I’m grocery shopping and planning meals. I’m looking at challenging events (bridal shower and bachelorette party) and making a plan to stay on track with my eating and drinking while still enjoying myself.


As I prepare to keep myself fit and healthy these next five weeks, I’m using the wedding and the honeymoon as fuel for my workout fire… but the wedding and honeymoon have always been coming up. Why is it just now that I’m really motivated? I realized that a long term goal didn’t do much for me. Sure, I’ve lost a few pounds and been active, but nothing like what the next few weeks will bring. I believe I would’ve had more marked success if I had given myself shorter term goals to strive for.

Some of you may be looking at a wedding that’s still months or even more than a year out. If you have fitness goals you’d like to attain by the time you walk down the aisle, take it from me, start now. Give yourself attainable goals you can work towards reaching as the months tick by, instead of only pushing hard at the end. If I had been enjoying bon bons on the couch like I wanted to for the past few months, there’s no way I’d be able to feel my best in my dress if I just started to work out now. But since I’ve been working on my fitness steadily, this final push is invigorating and exciting. I see the finish line and my adrenaline is racing!


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