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Show Some Love

tree of heartsValentine’s Day has come and gone, and frankly, I’m glad. I’m in the camp that thinks Valentine’s Day is largely an opportunity for expectations to get heightened and disappointment to ensue. Watching all those jewelry commercials leading up to the 14th sure can get a girl’s hopes up!

Instead of focusing on an extravagant Valentine’s Day, I prefer to use that holiday as a reminder to do other (more practical) things to show my partner some love. I found this to be an especially important practice while wedding planning – it’s so easy to get caught up in the details of marrying someone, you can often overlook your beloved in the process.

5 of my favorite ways to show my partner some love:

  1. Go for a walk together. Taking time away from the tv, dirty dishes, cell phones and other distractions can really help you connect with you fiancé. Even just ten minutes is enough for a nice recharge.

Resolutions and Revelations

2014 is starting strong and to make your year it’s very best I have been writing about making your resolutions reality. I have covered creating your resolutions, finding your motivation and making your commitment. Now make your intentions known to the world!


bridal resolution

Putting your intention out to the world takes courage. You have to be brave when you reveal your goals to friends and family. When you tell someone your innermost desire it leaves you vulnerable and you have to be ready for any kind of reaction. There is an upside and a downside when you let your world know your plan.

Let’s talk about the downside first. It’s easy to talk about positive outcomes so let’s get the dirty laundry aired and have a couple of options to deal with anything negative.

Even when we know that someone loves us it doesn’t necessarily mean they always support us when we want to change. Change is scary and some people don’t like it. They may interpret your willingness to change as a reflection on them. Even if it isn’t true.

Resolutions and Commitment

resolutionsKicking off the New Year is always heady business and each week in January I am sharing my ideas with you to make 2014 an amazing year. Previously, I have written about resolutions and motivation. Commitment is the 3rd installment of this series.


You must commit to change. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? If only we could wish it and it would happen. But to make change happen we have to work at it and it can be complicated.


  1. Identify WHY you want to change. You’ve got the short answer: I want to feel better or I want to look better. But go deeper…if you want to feel better, why do you want to feel better? What will change if you feel better? If you want to look better. Why do you want to look better and what will change when you do look better. Keep asking yourself those questions for each reason you want to change. After you answer the question, ask why again and again. Go deeper and deeper into your why.