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Shakeology Challenge Day 4

shakeology tropical shakeFab Four

Well, I’m four days into my 10 day challenge and I have to say that overall, things are going well. I’m feeling really great and have been enjoying the process.

I think most of all what I like is the fact that this challenge has made me focused and committed to healthy eating. My exercise was really on track before I started, but I know that healthy bodies are made in the kitchen so I feel like this Shakeology challenge is a big boost in my overall health level. Not only am I having a nutrient rich shake everyday as a meal, I’m also prepping healthy breakfasts and dinners for myself and my husband – lucky him!

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Christina's 10 Day Shakeology Challenge

christina's 10 day challenge - beforeI’d been planning to recommit myself to healthy eating with a serious week of intentional shopping, cooking, and PLANNING (the only thing that works for me) when my coach, Dillon Kreider at The Fitness Lab (the home of the Healthy Bride) reached out with the opportunity to do a 10 Day Shakeology Challenge. It was perfect.

Coming off of a first anniversary trip to New Orleans that capped off a month of moving houses and lots of work travel had me struggling. I’d been doing well with regular exercise, but knew that my poor eating habits were going to catch up.

I’ve used Shakeology as a quick breakfast here and there every once in a while, but never done a dedicated 10 Day Challenge, so I’m excited to see how consistent use of Shakeology as a meal replacement affects my weight loss. Truthfully, I’m also really thankful that I have 10 meals I don’t have to worry about planning in the next week and a half. That takes a lot of pressure off, knowing that I can just have a Shakeology and keep going.

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I Do or I Don’t Want an Outdoor Wedding

outdoor weddingAs winter becomes a distant memory (either because the weather’s getting better or I just refuse to acknowledge the cold days we’re still having), the thought of outdoor weddings has been coming up quite a bit. For those of you still on the fence, I thought I’d throw out a short pro and con list that might help your decision making process. Full disclosure – I had an outdoor wedding ceremony, but that wasn’t necessarily what I knew would happen when I started planning, so I mulled over a list like this my own self during the planning.


  • The Possibilities are Endless! A beach, a field, a snowy mountain, your own backyard, a favorite park, a winery, and so on, and so on. If you’re looking for something a bit outside the box, or at least different than a church or hotel ballroom, Mother Nature’s got options for you.

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4 Tips for Fabulous Flowers

purple bridal bouquetSpring is in the air and blooms are popping up everywhere. Every day I notice more and more flowers, and I bet you brides are too. Have you started thinking about flowers at your wedding? They can be a wonderful décor element, but since there are quite literally thousands of different options, I thought I’d offer a four tips for where to start.

1. First and foremost, know your budget. This is rule number one for pretty much every aspect of wedding planning, if you ask me. You don’t want to be paying off those extravagant centerpieces years after your wedding, so knowing how much you’d like to spend is the smart way to start. Plus, this way when you talk with a florist, you’ll be on the same page.

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