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It’s Not a Competition

In the process of planning our wedding, I came across a profound article about how ‘Your Wedding is Not a Competition.’ Before I tie this all into fitness, let’s just take a minute and let that sink in.

On your wedding day, no one is ranking your wedding in comparison to others (no matter competitive wedding garbage is on TC these days). No one is going to give you the grand title of Wedding Champion because your centerpieces have more flowers than at so-and-so’s wedding. Surely, you will get compliments on how nice your wedding is, and some may tell you it’s the greatest they’ve ever been to. But in the end, there is no grand prize for how ahhhhmaaazing your wedding was - except, of course the life you’ve started with your spouse.

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Accepting 80 Percent

It seems like when you’re working out with any fitness professionals – whether it be a trainer, a class instructor or even a workout video – you hear a lot about 100%. Give it 100%! Some extremely zealous motivators might even ask for 110%.

I came to a realization today during my workout that sometimes, 80% is just great. I’d been out of my regular workout routine for a month, I’ve got a little head cold, and I just could…not…get…through some of the 45 second intervals in this morning’s Body Revolution class. 45 seconds is not that long. But instead of beating myself up about struggling with the workout, I felt great about it!

Hey, I was in class, I had a great sweat goin’ on, I was still having fun, and I certainly burned more calories and built more muscle than I would’ve at home in bed. I’m not saying I didn’t want to give 100%, but a solid 80% was what I could put out today, and I’m still proud of it.

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Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit

Advice From a Former Bridesmaid to a Bride

Over the past 10 years, I have been a bridesmaid in quite a few weddings. Being so close to all the action of so many weddings, is a honor and privilege. The experience is almost always very sacred, very special, and VERY stressful. But, I’ve learned over the years, that though sacred and special are most certainly the orders of the day, stressful does not have to enter the picture.

With a little planning and a lot of forethought, you can be sure your special day is virtually stress free.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Expect the unexpected. In one wedding I was in, the clasp on the back of the bride’s dress broke. The other bridesmaids and I had to engineer a new one out of paperclips and safety pins. In another wedding I was in, the groom’s mother was drunk and belligerent, oscillating between being aloof and downright mean. It was my job as the maid of honor to keep her far away from the bride. In yet another wedding I was in, the flower girl threw a fit in the middle of the ceremony. The point to all of this is not to make you freak out! Something that gives your wedding character (and makes you laugh one day) is bound to happen at your wedding. The key is handling little set backs with the knowledge that they make your wedding unique. Believe it or not, you will look back fondly on even the most embarrassing or seemingly stressful wedding day crisis.

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Forget the Big Day: Plan for a Big Life!

A wedding is a joyous, exciting, fun, stressful, volatile time. It’s rare that one life event would have so many conflicting emotions associated with it. It can be hard to find healthy ways to cope. You are planning the biggest party you’ve ever thrown. You are being adopted into a new family. You are merging your life with some one else! And you are also under tremendous pressure to look your best, because, after all, on your big day all eyes will be on you.

But, being fit and healthy shouldn’t be about your big day- because your big day is just a celebration of the new life you plan to share with your honey. And, being healthy is about more than fitting in to a dress or having that healthy, post work out glow on your wedding day. You want to be a healthy bride in mind, body, and spirit. Here are some tips for staying TRULY healthy through out the wedding process:

Surround yourself with people you love.
Becoming a bride is kind of like a becoming a one hit wonder. Suddenly, long lost cousins and forgotten high school pals come out of the wood work. Everyone wants to be included in everything. It can get overwhelming, and it can make you lose perspective about what and who is really important. Surround yourself with people who will support you and your partner, who will give you sound advice when things get stressful, and who have and will love and accept you just for being you.

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