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Healthy Habits Away from Home

As a bride who travels for work, I know a bit about keeping healthy habits on the road. It wasn’t an easy thing to learn, and I gained more than just wisdom figuring it out. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and avoid any upticks on the scale while you’re on the road.

Don’t Think of Travel as “Not Normal Life”

Sure, things are different than they might be at home, but framing a trip up as somehow drastically different from your day-to-day gives you the freedom to ignore any rules you might follow at home. Chances are you pay attention to portion size and make time to exercise when you’re home, and you don’t completely forget those skills once you get on a plane. This is especially important for anyone who has regular travel in their schedule. If being gone one week out of the month is your reality, you need to get used to it.

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Lessons From My Father

With Father’s Day approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about the many lessons I’ve learned about fitness and health from my dad. My parents were divorced, and so we saw my dad on weekends and in the summers, mostly. But, in our times together he managed to impart to me some important lessons about life and health.

Taking care of yourself makes you stronger.

As junior high was starting to approach, I was feeling less and less confident in myself. Acne was starting to crop up on my face, extra weight was starting to creep up, I had no idea how to style my frizzy, fro-like hair. I felt very unsure of myself in many, many ways. My dad suggested to me one night that I try out for a sports’ team. I’d never played sports before in my life, I made sure to remind him. He sat down with me and talked through options of sports I could try out for that didn’t require me to have played since I was a child. We decided on cross country. I joined the team, and it changed my life. I learned that when I was running, when I was in the best physical shape possible, I felt good all over. I felt stronger inside and out.

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It’s Not a Competition

In the process of planning our wedding, I came across a profound article about how ‘Your Wedding is Not a Competition.’ Before I tie this all into fitness, let’s just take a minute and let that sink in.

On your wedding day, no one is ranking your wedding in comparison to others (no matter competitive wedding garbage is on TC these days). No one is going to give you the grand title of Wedding Champion because your centerpieces have more flowers than at so-and-so’s wedding. Surely, you will get compliments on how nice your wedding is, and some may tell you it’s the greatest they’ve ever been to. But in the end, there is no grand prize for how ahhhhmaaazing your wedding was - except, of course the life you’ve started with your spouse.

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Accepting 80 Percent

It seems like when you’re working out with any fitness professionals – whether it be a trainer, a class instructor or even a workout video – you hear a lot about 100%. Give it 100%! Some extremely zealous motivators might even ask for 110%.

I came to a realization today during my workout that sometimes, 80% is just great. I’d been out of my regular workout routine for a month, I’ve got a little head cold, and I just could…not…get…through some of the 45 second intervals in this morning’s Body Revolution class. 45 seconds is not that long. But instead of beating myself up about struggling with the workout, I felt great about it!

Hey, I was in class, I had a great sweat goin’ on, I was still having fun, and I certainly burned more calories and built more muscle than I would’ve at home in bed. I’m not saying I didn’t want to give 100%, but a solid 80% was what I could put out today, and I’m still proud of it.

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