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Forget the Big Day: Plan for a Big Life!

A wedding is a joyous, exciting, fun, stressful, volatile time. It’s rare that one life event would have so many conflicting emotions associated with it. It can be hard to find healthy ways to cope. You are planning the biggest party you’ve ever thrown. You are being adopted into a new family. You are merging your life with some one else! And you are also under tremendous pressure to look your best, because, after all, on your big day all eyes will be on you.

But, being fit and healthy shouldn’t be about your big day- because your big day is just a celebration of the new life you plan to share with your honey. And, being healthy is about more than fitting in to a dress or having that healthy, post work out glow on your wedding day. You want to be a healthy bride in mind, body, and spirit. Here are some tips for staying TRULY healthy through out the wedding process:

Surround yourself with people you love.
Becoming a bride is kind of like a becoming a one hit wonder. Suddenly, long lost cousins and forgotten high school pals come out of the wood work. Everyone wants to be included in everything. It can get overwhelming, and it can make you lose perspective about what and who is really important. Surround yourself with people who will support you and your partner, who will give you sound advice when things get stressful, and who have and will love and accept you just for being you.

I Do

I do means commitment. I do means I’ll be there. I do means I’ll build you up. I do means I’ll take care of you and take care of myself for you. I do means I will work on loving you and work on being lovable. Those of us that have taken that step to say “I Do” to the one we love have made a commitment in a time that commitments are considered only if they are convenient to you.

I can remember going through a marriage class back when I was twenty-two and my wonderful wife was twenty-one called “Love is a Decision”, by Dr. Gary Smalley. This is so true, you made a decision to say “I Do” at that moment in time you made a decision, a conscience decision to love your spouse. This is something you must do daily. Believe me, my wife Shayna has to make an effort to love me, it’s work!

What does this have to do with fitness? My message is threefold. Couples that are physically active are better able to handle the stresses of life I’ve written before that vigorous exercise helps rid the body of excess cortisol. When external stresses are high from work, finances, or other crisis’ we sometime become short or easily irritated. This can be a result of excess cortisol. This intern can affect our relationship with our spouse and how we interact.

Bridal Back Up Plans

It’s April in Seattle, which means intermittent days of sunshine and showers. It also means it’s wedding month for me and I’m getting down to lots of last minute details. In this final month, I’m appreciating the beauty of back up plans, and wanted to share some things I’ve learned along the way.

It’s a given that in any major task we take on, things won’t always go according to plan – no matter how perfect the plan might seem. There’s no doubt that a wedding is a major task, and there’s lots of ways real life can deviate from the course we anticipated.

I’ve been making backup plans from the moment I knew I wanted to get married in April, in Seattle, outside. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t rain every day here, but an April wedding is a bit of a crapshoot anywhere in the country. So I knew that I needed a venue with a good indoor space, and I opted for a day-of coordinator so that someone would be on hand to execute Plan B if rain was falling.