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Success Stories

Will you meet your goals for your wedding day?

We share success stories from past Healthy, Fit Brides....and show you where they are today!

Shanna's Story

Shanna's goals were to run 3 miles around Greenlake, get more fit and lose 10-20 pounds. Shanna has run a half marathon (13.1 miles), is able to do 40 full body pushups, and she lost 25 pounds plus many inches and several sizes. Now that is success!

In Shanna's Own Words:

When I joined boot camp in January my goal was to run around Greenlake (3 miles). I could do 10 push up's on my knees and that was it. I found going to class kept me motivated to stay healthy the rest of the week and it pushed me to do things I didn't think I could do (or that I would have done on my own). It's such a great atmosphere. You get a great workout and get to talk with other girls about planning weddings. Over the months we all became friends and still get together.

By the time I finished I was doing the Hard Core class, running 6 to 9 miles, which I never thought I could do! and by the time of my wedding I was doing over 40 full body push up's. I got in better shape than I thought that I would, and I exceeded my weight loss goals.

I ended up losing over 25 pounds, many inches, and several sizes. After my wedding, I finished my first half marathon (another thing I never thought I would do!). Boot camp was a great experience for me. It was one of the best decisions I made!

Healthy Bride Success StoryMandy's Story

When Mandy joined the Healthy Bride boot camp, she wanted to lose 30 pounds, do 20 full pushups and learn healthy eating habits so she could maintain her fitness and health long term. When she completed boot camp, Mandy did lose 30 pounds. She can do 20 full pushups in 1 minute and hold a plank for 2.5 minutes. She changed her eating habits completely and is happier and fitter!

In Mandy's Own Words:

When we got engaged, I was so excited to plan for a new life with Josh, my husband-to-be. We have always loved dreaming about the future - our future home, our long term goals, our future daily was always filled with images of a happy and healthy "us". Shortly after getting engaged and viewing photos of the big day, I took a good, hard look at myself in the photographs. " this how I would have hoped to look at age 24 on the day of my engagement?" I was happy, and was loved, but I ate fairly frivolously and I hadn't felt physically strong since high school when I had played soccer. I knew something was missing from my lifestyle. I wanted to be happy AND healthy. In addition, I knew it would be nice to wear a pair of pants that didn't dig into my side.

The first step for me was correcting my eating habits. I reviewed several healthy eating plans and decided that Weight Watchers was the right choice for me. Along with a coworker, in the fall, I joined the online point tracking program. For the first few months, I learned about balance, planning ahead, and making healthy meals at home. I finally had an excuse to learn to cook every day using fresher, lighter, healthier ingredients. I bought several cookbooks and learned how to cook lean, fresh foods. I stopped packing my freezer with frozen entrees, and started learning how to keep certain "staples" in the pantry. I tracked my foods online, and began losing weight. By the end of December, on the day I went wedding dress shopping and chose my dress, I had lost 15 pounds! My dedication to eating right was paying off.

Healthy Bride Success StoryThe next breakthrough came in January. I had lost 20 pounds, but seemed to be stuck there. I knew that eating right was only half the battle, and although I was losing pounds, I still wasn't strong. At this point I heard about the Healthy Bride Boot Camp. I joined, and it was hard work! But I showed up every Saturday for an entire session, and by the end I had lost inches off my waistline, I had lost five more pounds, and even more amazingly: I could do 20 real push-ups in a minute! I had met or exceeded all of my goals for the session, and I felt stronger than ever before. I also met some wonderful women - other brides who could relate to the excitement of wedding planning.

I kept attending bride classes, and I kept getting stronger. By May, I was in the best shape of my life, and I reached my weight loss goal - I had lost 30 pounds! But I was committed to the new lifestyle, and I didn't stop there. With my coach's guidance, I continued to set and achieve fitness goals. By our wedding day in July, I'd maintained my goal weight for two months. On our honeymoon, I knew my coach would be proud if I came home and told her I'd done a big hike in we did...on the third day there we hiked eleven miles!

The best part has been maintaining a commitment to health and fitness. My husband and I joined a CSA, which has challenged us to continue trying new healthy cooking techniques with local fresh produce, and I keep trying to set new goals to keep myself challenged. I completed my first race in November (a 5k), and now I'm looking into doing longer race, like a 12k. Continuing to attend classes through the Healthy Goddess keeps me accountable, and the ladies help me set challenging (yet achievable) goals. Thanks to the Healthy Bride and my coaches, I was able to begin "the rest of my life" with my new husband as a happy AND healthy person.

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